SDB, MBE Global Distributor of Electronics
BenChris & Associates, Inc. since 1982 has been a leader and global distributor of electrical and electronic components, industrial supplies, and scientific glassware with headquarters in Augusta, Georgia. They have over thirty years of experience in distribution, sales and service to the federal, state and local government, as well as private industry.

BenChris has 150,000 brand name products including cables, tools, bearings and hardware for military and commercial aircraft, representing over 350 of the top manufacturers.

Information Technology Products & Services

Recently, BenChris & Associates has expanded their offerings to include a wide range of information technology products and services through partnerships with major companies. Network security, enterprise management, distance learning and voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) communications business solutions.

In addition to providing a wide range of computer applications. BenChris & Associates can provide expert staffing and professional services to ensure seamless integration and maintenance of the best of breed solutions. All of these offerings are available to federal customers through existing GSA schedules.


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Unique Strategic Alliance

BenChris & Associates has established a unique strategic alliance with their supplies to offer customers ISO 9002-2000; quality services.

BenChris has and can work with any size company. Past customers include:

  • Westinghouse SRS
  • Boeing
  • Harris Corp
  • Honeywell Space Systems Group
  • Lockheed Martin Info Systems
  • Raytheon
  • State of GA
  • Richmond Co, GA

With BenChris you will get excellent hands-on service. The team of trained professionals will provide you with the service you expect and deserve.