Electrical & Circuit Protection

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Intro-duces New Line of Power Line Conditioners.

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems has introduced a line of power line conditioners that are designed to protect today’s highly sophisticated micro-processor-based equipment from damaging power disturbances.

Hubbell SpikeShield™ power line conditioners incorporate patented Ground Zero™ technology which helps eliminate such problems as system lockups and crashes and other unexplained problems. SpikeShield power line conditioners eliminate noise, interference and other power disturbances that could have damaging effects on the more sophisticated but susceptible Pentium® chips. In addition, they remove harmful ground spikes while maintaining a zero-ground reference at each terminal for reliable data access and transmission.

Medical grade Ground Zero is a transportable, cost effective solution to the invisible contamination plaguing modern medical equipment. All Hubbell Ground Zero medical grade power line conditioners feature a medical grade non-hydroscopic paint, are Listed under UL 544 professional and dental equipment, and cUL Listed to CSA 22.2 electromedical equipment.

Power Products

The Sola/Hevi-Duty UPS product line consists of three technology topologies and classes of power protection:

Off-Line technology (also called Standby) is a cost-effective UPS choice for small, less critical, stand-alone applications such as isolated PLC, PCs and peripherals. Network communications are a useful option.

Line-Interactive technology provides highly effective power conditioning plus UPS back-up. This is particularly applicable in areas where power outages are rare, but where there are frequent power fluctuations. Network communications are available and sometime necessary.

The On-Line alternative provides the highest levels of power protection, conditioning and UPS available. True on-line technology is accomplished with double conversion technology. Network communications are often necessary to protect mission-critical applications.