Passive Components

KEMET’s product line includes surface-mount capacitors in aluminum, ceramic and tantalum; and leaded capacitors in ceramic and tantalum.

Our capacitors are fundamental elements used in every type of electronic equipment, including computers, telecommunication, automotive electronics, military electronics, medical electronics, and consumer electronics.

“High Reliability” (Hi-Rel) versions of our capacitors have shared in every important military/aerospace effort from the first Telstar to Viking, the Apollo moon landing project, the Patriot missile, and now the space station.

Production is measured in the billions of pieces per year.

Semis & Prototyping

Microchip developed the world’s first 8-pin, 8-bit micro-controller in 1996. They have now enhanced that development. Microchip’s FLASH-based 8-pin, 8-bit MCUs (types PIC12F629 and PIC12F675) are in full production. Above all, BenChris has them in stock-that’s a winning combination.

8-Pin FLASH PICmicro® Microcontrollers

  • Available with high-resolution, 10-bit A/D converter
  • Smallest SOIC and ML packages in the industry
  • True EEPROM data memory on board (others rely on FLASH memory), critical for applications requiring data storage
  • Wide operating voltage (2.0 to 5.5V) increases battery life
  • FLASH memory: PMOS Electrically Erasable Cell (PEEC)-greater than 40-year retention; supports up to 1 million data memory ERASE/WRITE cycles
  • Development supported by full-speed, low-cost In-Circuit Debugger ICD 2