InterConnect & Wire / Cable & Tools

Product Features

  • Connectors available in 1.25mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm centerline pitch
  • Square-peg style mates with many other industry products
  • Through-hole and surface-mount styles available
  • Positions range from 2-16 positions for single row and 10-40 positions for dual row
  • Applicable wires from 30 AWG to 24 AWG
  • Cross use test reports available
  • Vertical and horizontal (right angle) mount versions available
  • Planned future releases of new styles and product extensions
  • Single- and dual-row post headers available in various colors

The wire-to-board High Performance Interconnect (HPI) connector system is available in 1.25mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm centerline pitch. This connector system offers vertical and horizontal (right angle) connector mounting for versatility and the square-peg technology enables this product to mate with many other like products in the industry.

The single- and dual-row post headers are available in various colors to allow the customer the ability to color code their systems. The single-row connectors range from 2-16 positions while the dual-row connectors are available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 positions.

 Tools/ Production

3M™ Textool™ ZIP DIP Receptacles for all ZIP DIP’s Sockets is designed with mounting flanges which hold receptacle to board and has pre-tapped holes in receptacle body mate with screw-hole in socket.

3M™ Static Control Vinyl Floor Tile is a flexible, resilient tile which is made with virgin vinyl, containing a minimum amount of filler and none of the regrind that can make tile brittle. These tiles offer long-term ESD protection.